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Is your life insurance policy up for renewal ?

Many people already have a life insurance policy. If you previously purchased  a 10 year term or a 20 year term life policy , it may be renewing shortly.

When you originally bought your policy, many insurance companies differentiated between  smokers and non-smokers, and offered different rates depending on your smoking status.

What’s changed ? Now most life insurance companies now offer discounts to people who enjoy GOOD health and lifestyles. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for years of good habits ? If you’re in good health, now is the right time to review or renew your existing life insurance policy.

The life insurance companies we work with might be able to save you money. Please take a moment to review a sample of our 10 year term life insurance rates below.

The examples quoted below are monthly rates for $250,000 of 10 year term insurance coverage. Rates are for healthy non-smokers, effective December 2017 and subject to change.

25 $13.50 $10.35
30 $12.38 $10.58
35 $12.38 $10.58
40 $15.14 $13.05
45 $22.19 $16.16
50 $31.16 $23.29
55 $51.53 $35.55
60 $87.30 $59.85
65 $145.35 $94.95


If you’d like a quote, please call us at (416)787-1668, or  Click here  for an instant online quote. I think you’ll be pleased with the rates.